EvenMidi H9 Midi Controller

Change Log

Version 1.4 for EvenMidi V2

V1.4 - May 2018

- New firmware 1.4

- Last preset is display at Startup (Live and Solo Mode).

- More settings for create 4 Generic devices:

1-Min and Max Pot Value for each pot

2-Looper access (off, on , on + Send PC#)

3-REC,PLAY,STOP,EMPTY called by any CC#0~127

4-PSW called by any CC

5-Preset & Generic CC Storing bug fix (4th October 2018)

- MIDI IMPUT : Now you can control EvenMidi with another MIDI controller:

1-Preset called in Solo Or Live Mode with PC#

2-Bypass called with PC#125

3-Switch from Solo to Live Mode with CC#85

4-Change devices (increment) in Solo Mode if you target several devices with CC#86

Version 1.3 for EvenMidi V2

V1.3 - January 2018

- New firmware 1.3

- Improve Generic Bypass CC: Now you can edit/test and send custom bypass value (before it was only value 127).

Example: Bypass Type:CC | CC Number: from 0-127 | CC value: from 0-127

So you can use EvenMidi with Line6-M serie

Version 1.2 for EvenMidi V2

V1.2 - December 2017

- New firmware 1.2

- Global Menu access + navigation : ACCESS|hold PSW+DOWN 2s.

- Mode Solo/Live : ACCESS|hold PSW+Active 2s.

Version with display - V2

V1.1 - 20th July 2017

- New firmware 1.1 for V2

Version without display - discontinued

V1.1 - 10th March 2017

- Bug Fix Midi In (Thru) Program Change

V1.0 - 03rd March 2017

- Launching first release